Gro-produkt company produces all types of ready-mixed concretes. The whole production of ready-mixed concretes and admixtures is automated.

Concrete production process is done under the supervision and control of “The Institute for Civil Engineering”, Subotica. The laboratory of mentioned institute is located in the circle of the factory. Certificates of quality, issued by mentioned institute, accompany concrete that we produce.

The company is entirely equipped as for delivery of all types of raw materials necessity for production process as for transportation and mechanical installation of ready-mixed concretes.
Ready-mixed concrete production capacity - 50m³/h

Ready-mixed concrete distribution by truck-mixers- capacity 50m³ in one tour

Ready-mixed concrete mechanical installation by concrete pumps (2 pieces) - 50-100m³/h
Together with our associated business partners all previously mentioned capacities increases doubled.
Gro produkt 2009